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Photos archive classification CLASSIF_PHOTOS

The Program Classif_Photos

A photo archiving program with multiple criteria, such as date, location, subject, edited with editors such as Photoshop and others, raw (RAW). Also creating an album of themes, locations and anything one can imagine to make it easier for him.
The program does not affect existing photos, does not burden the storage media, keeping only the path of the file. Uses and records all sorting options based on databases and quickly and easily retrieves the photos we are looking for with the criteria we set.
Apart from this basic body that I mentioned, there are many other tools integrated in the program, such as photo statistics (location, lens, camera, aperture, etc.), possibilities to correct criteria that we have saved, bulk transfer of photos in case of change of storage medium changing the photo paths to the base and more. Present the selected photos and transfer them automatically to our selection editor.
For those who delve into the technical details of each photo, the program presents all the metadata stored in the photo, knowing in each photo not only the basic settings of the camera at the time of shooting but also all the details of shooting.

Demonstration video

Watch the demo video of the program

System installation system requirements

1 … Unzip files to a folder
2 … Install MySql if it is not installed 
3 … Open the Debug folder
4 … Run the Serup.exe file
5 … Install the program in a folder on disk C eg C: \ classif_photo\Classif_photo\
6 … Copy the Exiftool folder and paste it into the C: \ Windows folder
System requirements
Windows 64-bit


Delegations are requested to promote the programme